Carter's Fantastic Fenway Birthday!

 Carter's day started with both blueberry pancakes and chocolate chip pancakes!  Oh and bacon b/c this boy loves bacon!
Then we were off to Boston for the Batting Practice Tour at Fenway in 95 degree weather!!!  Yikes!!!!
Carter walking up the ramp to the field.

 This was Daisy's second time at Fenway but only her first time understanding where and why she was there (she was 18months the first time).  This girl loves baseball and she loved going to Fenway and seeing the Red Sox play!

 Our photo op on the field!
 I look hot!  And not in a sexy cute way!
 Happy Daddy!  I think Kevin is thinking "This is way better than a party with twelve 7yo boys and water guns!"
 Papa and Carter on the Green Monster
 It was lots of fun watching the balls batted up to the green monster!  If only they got that many hits in one game!
 Chubby checks abound in my family!
 Fenway reminds me of our young married days of going to see the Sox and not worrying about losing children, buying them ice cream to keep them occupied during the game and getting home for bed time!  Someday we'll go again just us!

 We met up with the rest of the clan for dinner at Tasty Burger  This little girl was treated to an evening with Grandma!  She loved hanging out with grandma all by herself!
 I wrote this on the restaurant chalk board for my boy!  Too bad I didn't get a great picture!
 Uncle Bobby and Auntie Tina joined us for dinner and the game.
 We surprised Carter with a whoopie pie and candles!  He had asked me earlier in the day "Mom is there not going to be any birthday cake for me at the game tonight."  I scrambled to come up with something and he sure was surprised!
At the game we entertained the kids with more sweets, songs and cheering for the Red Sox!
 Father and son enjoying many years of sports together!
The Red Sox lit up the score board in the bottom of the 8th and won the game.... We were all thrilled  (and hot... and tired)!!!!!!


Easter 2012

 This Easter was started with the tradition of making Easter sugar cookies with the Gentleman family.  Well at least Jennifer and Isabella!  The boys mostly sat out. 
 Cora is taking after her mama with the piping bag!  She learned by watching!
 The perfectionist of the bunch!

 Later that week we dyed Easter eggs with natural dyes....

At the sunrise service the kids found a huge night crawler to distract them!
 Our three kiddos Easter morning!
 Easter egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa's!

 Aunt B's Dirt Cake!
 Finding the gummy worms in the dirt cake.... yuck!  I mean Yummmmm!

 Now were head back to Holden for Easter with the Burnham's and McRell's

All in all it was a great day and considering I worked the night before and slept during church it was still a great celebration!